Signs That Your Window Tint Is Bad

Are you wondering how to tell if your window tint is quality? There are many things you can pay attention to that will indicate you have bad window tint. In other words, this would mean that your window tint is not of high quality. There are many benefits that window tints offer, but they cannot be beneficial if they are poorly installed.

Indicators of Bad Window Tint

There are many telltale signs of bad car window tinting that you should pay special attention to. Obviously, they won’t look too attractive, but here are some other indicators:

  • Obvious gaps and bumpy lines. Pay attention to the distance between the window tint and the edge of the window. If you notice quite a bit of space between the two, your tint was installed incorrectly.
  • Diverted bubbling. Window tint that is not high quality will have noticeable bubbles. This is due to the adhesive collapsing too soon. Tiny bubbles can cause you not to see out of your windows clearly. But you may even notice bigger bubbles which are even more unattractive.
  • Tint that is purple. Tint that is not of high quality will be purple or will begin to turn purple as the dye starts to dissipate.
  • Window tint doesn’t stay attached to the matrix. The majority of vehicles have uneven or bumpy dots that can keep the window tint from sticking the way it should. You will end up with a crooked line if your window tint is not installed correctly.
  • Spaces or bubbling near defroster tabs. Defroster bars or tabs on the back windows are raised. Again, if your window tint is not installed properly, and the film is not smoothed down on top of the bars, you will notice bubbling, and spaces that begin to pop up.
  • Allows more heat in the car. Cheap window film will let more heat seep into your car no matter the intensity of the tint.

Problems With Low-Quality Window Tints

Window tints that are cheaply made can cause problems. They certainly won’t last you a lifetime. You should avoid having an inexperienced person install your window tints even if you are trying to budget your finances. High-quality tints are not expensive and will last you a long time.

Additionally, cheap tints are prone to tearing, bubbling, and splitting over time. This will greatly diminish the look of your car. Tints that begin to bubble and wear down will reduce your ability to see while you are operating your vehicle. The best way to avoid the unattractive appearance of peeling and bubbling window tints is to purchase a high-quality film.