How Long Does Paint Correction Last?

Automotive paint makes a vehicle look terrific. Whether driving with the original factory paint or having a custom paint scheme on your vehicle, you can make it last a long time with a timely paint correction service.

Paint correction services can work in many ways. You might have small chips in the paint that just need some touch-up paint to look good again. You also might have sun damage to the clear coat, scratches, and scuffs or swirl marks in the paint.

Paint-correction technicians and skilled detailing specialists can use a variety of materials to restore your old paint’s luster and make your vehicle look new again. The factory paint usually consists of several layers of primer, paint, and clear coat that are intended to last for many years when you care for them properly.

Unfortunately, painted surfaces on vehicles inevitably suffer at least some minor damage. From small chips or scratches to major damage in an accident, your vehicle’s paint might lose some or all of its luster. Paint correction will cure the problem in many situations.

Many Ways in Which Paint Suffers Damage

Your vehicle will suffer paint damage from many common sources that you routinely encounter while driving. Some of the most common ways in which automotive paint is damaged include:

  • Chipped paint from stones thrown by tires
  • Corrosive snow removal materials
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Bug guts
  • Tree sap

You also might notice tiny scratches or swirl marks caused by using a dirty washcloth or sponge when you clean and wax your vehicle. There are too many ways to list in which your vehicle might suffer paint damage. Fortunately, paint correction cures most of them.

Is Paint Correction Worth It?

The paint on your car, pickup, SUV, or van does more than make it look great — it also protects metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. As your vehicle’s paint suffers small and seemingly minor damage, the metal beneath it becomes more vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

Paint correction restores more than just the paint’s good looks. It also helps to protect metal surfaces against the debilitating nature of corrosion and rust. So the answer is a resounding, “yes,” to the question: Is paint correction worth it?

It also is important to note that a good finish helps your car to hold its value longer. Paint correction is an important element of ensuring the paint looks its best so that your vehicle will hold a higher value for a longer period of time.

How Long Does Paint Correction Last?

Paint correction could last a lifetime if you drive infrequently, park inside a garage, and regularly detail your vehicle’s exterior. Yet, most people will find paint correction lasts about six months to a year before needing more done.

The climate in which you drive, how often you drive, and whether wax and polish your vehicle make a big difference in determining the answer to the question regarding how long does paint correction last.