October 7, 2023

2023-10-20 | 15:57:46

"Dude. This place rocks. Amazing work and fair price. Don't go anywhere else that isn't a legit, shop. This place does 1000s of cars for the dealers next to them and know what they are doing. Highly recommend"
September 7, 2023

2023-10-20 | 15:57:53

"Very good customer service. Excellent work! Satisfied 100 percent. Will return for my 21 pilot."
June 17, 2022

Will Never Leave Again!

"THIS is the way a ceramic coating should look! I made the mistake of taking advantage of a special that a guy was running through a car club. It was a disaster! I had to have the Crystal Clear team remove it and reapply a proper coating. Lesson learned: I will never stray again! Crystal Clear owns my loyalty for life."
May 2, 2021

"I brought in my 6 year old Infiniti to have it coated with opticoat and it looks brand spankin’ new! They were also able to clean my headlights and make them less cloudy and helped with some paint correction from an Oops incident or two... :) Bill and his associate, Chris, were very knowledgeable and explained the entire process to me. I felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle in their care. I also appreciated them explaining the process and benefits in great lengths. I am always weary with car repairs and what not but not here! I didn’t feel like they were trying to swindle me or sell me something I didn’t need which put me at ease. It was also nice to see the owner there for drop off and pick up. You can tell he is truly passionate about his business and customer’s satisfaction!"
April 17, 2021

Sheryl Oldham

"5 star service! Bill and his crew turned my 2003 Silverado around completely! The clear coating brought back the beautiful maroon color and the inside of the cab is fresh and clean. The crew was pleasant to deal with and they stayed on schedule. Let's see if I can drive this beauty for another 125,000 miles! Thanks again, Bill!"
March 29, 2021

James T Nelson

"I had never gotten my car professionally detailed before, but had been using traditional car washes since I got my car, a year ago. I finally said it was time, scheduled a detail, and the team did a great job, and was done right on time! I will definitely be back!"