September 28, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:08

"Excellent company who cares. Did the Opticoat treatment and window tint for me. Very happy."
August 21, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:09

"I brought in my 6 year old Infiniti to have it coated with opticoat and it looks brand spankin’ new! They were also able to clean my headlights and make them less cloudy and helped with some paint correction from an Oops incident or two... :)_Bill and his associate, Chris, were very knowledgeable and explained the entire process to me. I felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle in their care. I also appreciated them explaining the process and benefits in great lengths. I am always weary with car repairs and what not but not here! I didn’t feel like they were trying to swindle me or sell me something I didn’t need which put me at ease. It was also nice to see the owner there for drop off and pick up. You can tell he is truly passionate about his business and customer’s satisfaction!"
June 21, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:10

"Great customer service and quality work."
April 1, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:11

"Brought my carbon 65 Corvette Z06 in for ceramic and paint protection. Bill is not cheap, he is good. You can have one or the other. I chose quality and I’m glad I did._Car came out beautiful. It’s extremely easy to keep clean. Bill even did the first wash with me to show me how easy._Don’t walk, run here and get your ride pimped!!! Thanks Bill_PS_I wish you had a Facebook page. I have recommended you on a corvette forum."
January 4, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:11

"Bill loves your vehicle as much as you do.he is a car guy ,so why not spoil your car or truck here. Ceramic coating is the way to pamper your ride. Let Bill's experience make your ride shine."
January 4, 2020

2024-07-01 | 08:20:12

"Excellent job on the ceramic coating on my Mustang! Fast service and reasonable pricing."