Are There Different Types of Ceramic Coatings?

We have been transforming old vehicles to new quality at Crystal Clear Detail, including services┬álike ceramic coatings, a unique option that offers many benefits for your car. But what kind of auto ceramic coating options are available for your vehicle’s needs? Let’s take a deep dive into this topic to help you decide if this car treatment option is the best choice for your vehicle.

What Types of Auto Ceramic Coating Options Are Available?

We can install many auto ceramic coating types on your vehicle and ensure that they stay strong and secure. Just a few of these spray types include:

  • PTFE-Based Sprays: These sprays are the least strong ceramic coatings but provide exceptional protection against heat. They also create a non-stick surface that is quite strong. You may also hear these referred to as Teflon sprays, as they use polytetrafluoroethylene sprays commonly used by Teflon.
  • SiO Boost Sprays: Using these sprays enhances the hydrophobic or water-resisting nature. They use nano-technology that goes into the surfaces on your car, which helps minimize damage in areas that you might not readily see otherwise.
  • Nano Coatings: When installing these coatings, you get more protection than the first two, particularly against UV rays, swirl marks, and paint problems. They have up to 84 percent concentration, which makes them very protective but also hard to install without the help of a professional.
  • Graphene-Based Ceramic Coatings: As the newest ceramic coating type, this material is often considered the world’s strongest material. As a single layer of carbon atoms, it provides maximum water protection, rust prevention, and higher abrasion resistance.

Before installing any of these auto ceramic coating types on your vehicle, we’ll talk about their benefits and explain which works the best for your needs.

Do You Need Car Ceramic Coating Installation?

When deciding on car ceramic coating installation for your vehicle, it is essential to understand the many benefits these coatings may provide for your car. Not everybody fully understands the purpose of these coatings, which include:

  • Protecting your vehicle from various weathering elements, like snow and ice
  • Creating a protective layer that minimizes paint wear-and-tear problems
  • Minimizing rust creation and spread through your car
  • Ensuring your car looks sharp for years to come

These benefits make a car ceramic coating installation a substantial investment, exceptionally if you choose an option that makes the most sense for your needs. For example, you may find a coating designed specifically for your car type, one that doesn’t cost too much to install and maintain on your vehicle.

Talk to Your Ceramic Coating Installation Specialist

The interesting thing about ceramic coatings is that many mechanics can install them to provide your vehicle with maximum protection. However, at Crystal Clear Detail, we can provide the trusted coating you need, which will last for a long time. We have over 20 years of experience in our field and feel confident delivering the coating you need for your vehicle’s protection.