Can You Take Your Vehicle Through a Pressure Wash if You Have Paint Protection Film?

Those who can afford to do so often choose to invest in paint protection film for their vehicle. It can literally make the paint on that vehicle last longer, which is something that most people see the value in. However, you should be aware of the dangers of using auto paint protection film in certain circumstances. It is not always the ideal choice when there are certain things that you want to do with your vehicle. In other words, it might prove less than ideal if you need to do something like a pressure wash of your vehicle.

Keep a Distance Away From the Auto Paint Protection Film

If you decide that you must use a pressure washer to take care of your vehicle, that is fine, but you need to be aware that you must keep the pressure washer away from the edges of where that protection film sits to avoid irreversible damage to the film. You should always point the pressure washer away from sensitive areas on your vehicle, and you should not aim too much pressure at any element of your vehicle at all. It is dangerous to do so, and your vehicle may respond in ways that you did not expect if you apply the pressure like that.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Those with paint protection film (also known as a clear car bra) need to make sure they still wash their car regularly. They may be slightly afraid to do so at first, but they need to take the time to get it clean so that protection film will actually do its job as it is designed to do. If you are not regularly washing your car, you are not doing yourself any favors. You should try to avoid putting your protective film at risk like that. Wash your car regularly so it won’t become a problem for you.

Use Special Car Wash Products

Instead of using a pressure washer, you might want to hand wash your vehicle instead. If you hand wash your vehicle there is much less risk of damaging the protective coating on your vehicle. People who choose this option should make sure they use products specifically designed for washing a vehicle. These products can be picked up at most retail stores, and they are certainly available at stores that specialize in auto products without question. You just need to be sure to specifically request these products when you are working on getting your car washed. If you are uncertain about what to use, ask an employee in the store as they have likely gotten this question before.

Start at the Wheels

The best place to start cleaning your vehicle is at the wheels. They are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle, and you will feel very accomplished when you get them cleaned up. After that, you can move to other parts of the vehicle to get it all taken care of right away.