How to Care for Your Newly-Tinted Car Windows

Have you recently invested in car window tinting? Window tint not only makes your ride look better, but it also protects its interior and makes it easier for you to maintain a comfortable temperature as you drive.

Make your investment last as long as possible by following these basic window tint care tips.

Remember curing times

When it comes to caring for and cleaning window tint, you need to make sure it’s cured for an appropriate time after installation. Window films take several days to completely cure; during that time, you might notice moisture between the film and the glass, causing your windows to look streaky or blotchy.

After fully curing, the moisture evaporates, restoring your windows to excellent clarity. Avoid physical contact with your windows, and avoid rolling down your windows during the curing process to make sure the tint forms a tight seal with your windows.

Cleaning window tint

After your window tint film has fully cured, you can safely clean the windows using a gentle touch and the right cleaning products. Usually, all it takes is a light wipe with a microfiber cloth or soft paper towel since the tint is applied on the inside of the windows and it won’t get as dirty as the exterior of the windows.

If you have kids with sticky fingers or wet-nosed dogs, you might need to take a more aggressive approach to cleaning the inside of your windows. In these situations, use a nonabrasive cloth or paper towel and any ammonia-free cleaner that’s specifically made for tinted windows. Scrub lightly until the dirt and grime are gone. The key thing to remember here is that you need to keep ammonia-based cleaners away from the window tint—it will ruin it.

Scratch-resistant doesn’t mean scratchproof

Most window tints are installed with a durable scratch-resistant coating. While this level of protection is adequate for everyday use, it doesn’t mean the window tint resists scratches completely. Again, if you have kids and pets, keep in mind that little fingers and paws can easily and unintentionally scratch the film.

You should also take care when loading and unloading anything from your car, especially items with sharp or hard edges. Also, pay close attention to your seatbelt: The metal buckle can ding the window when pulling the belt on and off, and a single ding can ruin the tint.

Invest in new tint when necessary

Window tint is much more than an aesthetic accessory for your vehicle—it also regulates the temperature inside as you drive, provides added privacy, protects your skin from UV light and so many other benefits. If your window tint is looking the worse for wear, don’t hesitate to head to your local detailing professionals for a repair.

Want to learn more about cleaning window tint the right way? Talk to the experts at Crystal Clear Detail today. We’re window tinting professionals with decades of experience in the business, and we’ll make sure your window tint looks great for years to come.