Can I Wash My Car After Getting the Windows Tinted?

Tinting windows has become more common as drivers recognize the benefits of a professional-grade window tint. From improving the overall aesthetics of a vehicle to adding privacy and filtering UV light, a quality window tint provides several advantages that you’ll enjoy every time you get behind the wheel.

While window tinting—when professionally installed—will last for years, you need to do your part to protect your investment.

Here are some answers to top FAQs on how to care for window tinting.

Will a car wash damage my window tint?

Whether you’ve recently invested in a window tint or your car has already had it for a while, a trip through the car wash shouldn’t damage it. While new window tinting takes a few days to properly cure, it’s installed on the inside of the car, so a car wash shouldn’t affect curing at all. Make sure no moisture reaches the inside of your vehicle’s windows, and your tint will stay in great shape.

Does rain damage window tinting?

If you’ve recently had a window tint installed on your ride, you might be wondering whether rain can damage the film. As the film cures over several days, you should avoid rolling your windows down so that it can form a tight seal with the glass. After curing, you never have to worry about rain damaging the window tint—it should tightly fit against the glass, resisting any moisture.

When can I wash my car’s windows?

While you can wash the exterior of your car’s windows any time after you’ve had a window tint installed, you should wait one week after installation before cleaning the inside. The window tint needs several days to properly cure. During the curing period, you might notice moisture trapped between the film and the glass window itself. This is normal and will disappear once the curing process is complete. Resist the urge to clean the interior of your windows during the curing process, even if they look streaky or spotty.

What’s the right way to wash tinted windows?

While window tint is scratch resistant, it’s not completely scratchproof, which means you need to take a delicate approach when cleaning tinted windows. Always use an ammonia-free glass cleaner (like a specially-formulated window tint cleaner), a microfiber cloth and a clean sponge to clean your windows, and follow the process described below:

  • Use your microfiber cloth to brush debris from the interior of your vehicle’s windows
  • Dampen your sponge with clean water, and gently wipe the window
  • Apply mild soap or cleanser to the sponge and wipe the window again, removing streaks, oils and grime
  • Dry the window with a clean, soft towel

When it comes to tinting windows, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your investment lasts a long time. The most important thing to remember is that quality window tinting requires professional installation. Contact the window tinting experts at Crystal Clear Detail, and get the look you want for your ride.