What’s the Best Ceramic Protection Product for a Vehicle?

Looking for the best ceramic coating product that will provide long-lasting protection for the finish of your vehicle? Professional-grade products, combined with professional application, can keep your car’s paint job in showroom-quality condition. Here’s what the Phoenix, AZ ceramic coating professionals recommend.

What brand do professional car detailers recommend?

Phoenix, AZ drivers who invest in ceramic coat paint protection should research their options when it comes to the products they use on their vehicle. Not all coating products are created equal, with some providing superior resistance to swirling, chemical etching and fading. Your ceramic coating professionals in Phoenix, AZ will likely recommend Opti-Coat Pro products for your vehicle because they provide superior resistance against the following harmful elements:

  • UV light
  • Dust and dirt
  • Bugs
  • Bird droppings

Why are Opti-Coat products different from other brands?

Opti-Coat is an incredibly strong ceramic clear coating that ceramic coating professionals in Phoenix, AZ recommend due to its superior durability when compared to other options on the market. It’s a permanent coating that won’t wash away or break down over time like others do.

The difference is in the thickness of the coating. Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker than an average wax coating. It can absorb much more damage than other products, providing incredible protection for the paint layers below. While many cars exhibit swirl marks and light scratches due to general wear and tear, Opti-Coat masks these marks even on older vehicles while preserving and protecting the factory paint job.

Opti-Coat products are completely resistant to those unseen acidic environmental substances—including bird droppings, insect acids and other harmful elements—that eat away the finish on a vehicle over time. Factory clear coating just isn’t strong enough to stand up to environmental acids, and the paint job can be permanently damaged if your car is exposed to these elements. Cars coated with Opti-Coat ensure that the finish won’t etch or dissolve when exposed to these substances, creating a clean, glossy clear coating that will look great for years to come.

Why is professional application important?

It’s not enough to simply choose a high-quality ceramic coating product like Opti-Pro and rely on DIY application to provide your car with the long-lasting finish protection it requires. Ceramic coatings, regardless of brand, need to be applied by professionals. Ceramic coating application only succeeds when strict paint preparation measures are taken. The car’s finish needs to be completely free of bugs, tar and other debris, and any paint imperfections need to be addressed prior to application of the protective coating. This can’t be done in your home garage or hobby shop—get it done right by leaving it to the pros.

If you own a car in Phoenix, AZ and you want to preserve its appearance and value, the best thing you can do is invest in ceramic coat paint protection with top-quality products. Remember that you only get the full benefits of a product like Opti-Coat by relying on professional application rather than a DIY solution. Contact Crystal Clear Detail today to discover how quality ceramic coating products can enhance the appearance of your vehicle while increasing its value.