Is Ceramic Coating Worth the Cost?

Many car owners simply rely on a good wash and a wax to maintain the finish of their car. Unfortunately, these measures aren’t that effective when it comes to protecting a vehicle’s paint job from natural elements, including UV light, insects, bird droppings, acid rain and other things that can eat through the finish on a vehicle. Your best choice when it comes to long-lasting protection is a quality ceramic coating.

Read on to discover why investing in paint protection from Peoria, AZ ceramic coating professionals is a smart move—no matter the type of car you drive.

What does ceramic coating do for a car?

When you invest in ceramic coat paint protection from a reputable service provider in Glendale, AZ, you cover your car with an extra layer of paint protection. A ceramic coating is essentially a layer of liquid polymer that bonds to vehicle paint at a molecular level. It’s the most effective way to prevent dirt, UV rays, insect acid and other elements from damaging your vehicle’s paint job. In addition, ceramic coating actually improves the overall look of your car from the moment it’s applied, enhancing the glossy look of the paint and giving your car an overall sparkling shine.

Why is ceramic coating beneficial?

One of the main reasons why Glendale, AZ drivers invest in ceramic coat paint protection is that it protects the value of their cars. The appearance of your car is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining resale value, whether you trade it in or sell it on your own. A ceramic coating is the best way to prevent major damage from affecting the overall appearance of your car. Elements like UV oxidation, chemical etching and acid rain don’t affect your car’s finish until it’s too late. Exploring your ceramic coating options early ensures that the paint job is continually protected from these unseen elements.

Why is professional ceramic coating application better than a DIY job?

While there are ceramic coating kits you can buy and apply all on your own, they’re only effective if they’re applied the right way. Ceramic coatings, regardless of brand, require a completely spotless paint surface and all contaminants, including bugs, tar and dirt, need to be removed. Paint imperfections also need to be buffed away before ceramic coating application, requiring tools and expertise that the average person just doesn’t have.

In addition, application of ceramic coatings needs to be done in a very clean indoor space to ensure that no contaminants reach the surface following paint preparation. This is difficult to achieve in a home hobby shop or garage. Don’t miss out on comprehensive protection by relying on a DIY job—instead, take your car to a reputable ceramic coating provider and get it done right.

Ultimately, your choice to invest in paint protection from qualified ceramic coating professionals in Peoria, AZ depends on how much you care for your car. While relying on the experts to protect the finish of your vehicle is an additional expense, it’s one that pays dividends in the long run. Contact Crystal Clear Detail to discover more of the benefits of high-quality ceramic coating to protect the appearance and value of your vehicle.