How to Maintain Ceramic Coating

If you’re looking for a way to better protect your car’s paint job from the elements in Phoenix, AZ, a ceramic coating is a great way to do that. A ceramic coating for your car is a liquid polymer that you apply by hand that chemically bonds with the car’s paint job, forming an additional layer of protection that can prevent external damage.

A ceramic coating is a more permanent alternative to waxing and polishing, and stronger than a clear skin you can apply called a paint-protection film. But like all kinds of car detailing in Peoria, AZ, a ceramic coating requires a bit of maintenance.

Don’t wash your car for seven days after you’ve applied the ceramic coating

You will eventually want to wash your car (more on that below), but the ceramic coating needs adequate time to cure and chemically bond with the car’s paint job.

If possible, you should avoid storing your car in direct sunlight or under a tree during this period, as excessive ultraviolet rays and/or bird droppings would be harmful to your ceramic coating.

Avoid automatic drive-through car washes

These types of car washes can be abrasive to your car’s exterior and can ruin the ceramic coat you’ve applied. Throw in the fact that they typically use harsh chemicals and coarse towels for drying, and you can see why these car washes should be avoided.

Wash your car by hand every two weeks

Hand-washing your car is the most important thing you can do to maintain your car’s ceramic coating in Phoenix, AZ. Because of that, there’s an extremely specific technique you should use, with some accompanying dos and don’ts:

  • Avoid direct sunlight when washing your car by hand: You should wash your car either in the shade, in your garage or in the early morning or later evening if you must do it outside.
  • Use specially made car soap or shampoo that doesn’t have added wax: You won’t need the wax in your car shampoo, because that’s what the ceramic coat is for. Do try to select a pH-neutral car soap, as the more basic or acidic products could damage your ceramic coating.
  • Employ the two-bucket washing method: Like the name suggests, here you use one bucket containing car shampoo and water for soaking your wash mitt and one bucket for rinsing it off after you finish washing each section. The rinse bucket should be filled with clean water and a grit guard and be used to get any dirt, dust or grime off of your wash mitt.
  • Use separate buckets and wash mitts for the wheels: Because they are in constant contact with the ground, your wheels will be the dirtiest portion of your car. They are also likely to have tiny metallic shards on them, known as brake dust. The last thing you want to do is rub your car with a wash mitt that may be contaminated with pieces of metal.
  • Refrain from letting your car air dry: A clean microfiber towel will prevent spots and streaking, and is a better drying method for your ceramic coating.

Call for your ceramic coating today

Applying a ceramic coating to your car can help protect it from all the sun, sand and dust. For superior car detailing services in Peoria, AZ, give us a call at Crystal Clear Detail. We’re the car care experts and can make your car look showroom new while safeguarding it against the elements.