Why Should I Get Ceramic Coating?

A car is an expensive investment, so it’s only natural that you’d want to keep it looking the best it can. When you live in a dusty climate, however, dirt and grime can stick to your car. Washing temporarily solves the problem, but dirt and tiny scratches reappear quickly afterwards. Is there anything you can do? Ceramic coating in Peoria, AZ could be the answer.

Here’s why you should consider adding ceramic coating to your vehicle.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating (sometimes called nano-ceramic coating) is an industrial-grade polymer solution that can be applied over your vehicle’s paint job. The chemicals bond and create a new layer over the paint, which repels water. It acts as a permanent wax coat: ceramic coating repels water and dirt, and protects your paint job from scratches. Depending on the type of coating you choose, it offers permanent or semi-permanent protection from the elements, dirt and debris. Your car will look clean, shiny and scratch-free far longer. This is a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle looking beautiful for years to come.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of ceramic coating and how the investment pays off for your vehicle:

  • Glossy coat: Ceramic coating gives your vehicle a glossy, shiny exterior finish. Your car will instantly look years newer—even if it’s already brand new. It also adds depth to the paint, bringing out all of its best aesthetic qualities. Not only will your car look better, but it will stay beautiful.
  • Repels water and dirt: The best part about ceramic coating is how it makes your vehicle so much easier to clean. The coating repels water—even if you drive through a dust storm, just rinse your car off afterwards. The water will catch the dirt and slide right off. Washing your car is a snap, and you’ll never have to worry about rain making your car look worse than it did before.
  • Protects from UV rays: The sun can cause your car’s paint to oxidize, fade and turn dull over the years. Ceramic coating will ensure the paint looks as bright and shiny years down the road as it did when you bought your car. For anyone who takes pride in their ride, ceramic coating is a must.
  • Keeps chemical stains from setting in: Air pollution means chemicals in the air are constantly in contact with your car’s paint. Eventually, pollutants can stain your paint job. Adding clear ceramic coating protects the paint from pollution as well as the elements, so your car will continue to look beautiful for ages.

Ceramic coating won’t completely eliminate the risk of scratches, and you still need to wash your car regularly to keep it looking its best. However, adding this clear coat will go a long way toward shortening your car washing times. You’ll love how beautiful your vehicle looks, and how easy it is to keep clean.

When you’re ready to try ceramic coating in Peoria, AZ, call Crystal Clear Detail for a quote and to schedule appointment.