How To Tell If Your Car Needs Paint Correction

Have you noticed a lack of luster, a missing shine, or something dull about your car lately? Does it not have that same new car sheen out of the carwash or after you wax it?

How Can I Tell If MyVehicle Is in Need of Paint Correction Service?

These are all signs, often subtle, that your vehicle is in need of paint correction services. There are many reasons why your car can lose that new car shine, but there is also a solution. In the most subtle cases, the fade of paint or lack of luster isn’t avoidable, but it is correctable.

Signs That Your Car Needs Paint Correction

While most signs that your car needs paint correction aren’t quite that loud, they are noticeable. The sunlight or closer inspection (during a hand wax, for example) will often reveal the culprits and reasons why your car needs paint correction professionals.

Even in the most subtle situations, paint correction services can help. Here is a look at those more obvious signs that your car needs paint correction:

  • Scratches – Superficial scratches can result from tree branches, animals, or virtually any exterior source.
  • Swirls – Much like superficial scratches (often caused by the same problems), sunlight exposes these unsightly blemishes.
  • Water spots – Ordinarily, rain and water aren’t an issue for most vehicles. When that water is dirty and or sits for a prolonged period, however, it can be an issue for any vehicle.
  • Stains – While many people trust their garages to keep and protect their beloved cars, those garages can also be one of a few reasons vehicles get stained by paint, oils, grease, and more.
  • Animal droppings – Raccoons, squirrels, and, more commonly, bird droppings are another concern and the reason your car needs professional paint correction services.
  • Ingrained dirt – Storms, road construction, and other situations can leave vehicles with ingrained dirt, marring the paint job and appearance.

Restore Your Car With Professional Paint Correction Services

If your vehicle has lost its new car shine or has become dull and less attractive, then paint correction services can help. There are many reasons why your favorite ride doesn’t shine like it once did – but it can again.

Contact us at Crystal Clear Detail to learn more or to schedule your paint correction services and restore the shine and beauty of your car today.