Tips For Maintaining Your Paint Protection Film

Installing paint protection film on your car is an excellent way to protect its paint job. However, for the protection film to do its duty excellently, you need to maintain it correctly. Here’s how to maintain paint protection film.

What Do You Need to Do Immediately After Installation?

After the installation, the paint protection film needs time to cure, and any blunders at this point will hinder the curing process and damage the film. Once the installation is complete, you should: 

  • Avoid pressing any bubbles that appear under the film. These are likely water bubbles created by the setting solution, which are part of the curing process. The bubbles will naturally dissipate in 2-3 weeks after installation.
  • Avoid waxing or washing your vehicle for the first seven days after installation. This is because the film might be yet to cure sufficiently. Thus, moisture could get between the car paint surface and the film, preventing effective curing.
  • Avoid driving your car for the first seven days after film installation and keep it stored in the garage. This will reduce the chances of rain or someone else messing up the paint protection film before it cures well.

How Do You Clean Protection Film?

There’s a lot of misinformation about how to clean paint protection film correctly. Here are the facts to know:

  • Always remove bug splatter, bird droppings and other contaminants from the film’s surface as soon as you notice them. Failure to remove them can result in staining or degradation of the film.
  • Avoid pressure washing a film-coated vehicle. Do not utilize any high-pressure water source to wash your car once paint protection film has been installed, as this can cause the film to start lifting away from the paint and peel away from the edges.
  • Do not wash your film-coated vehicle under direct sunlight. This is because the combination of heat, water and car wash soap could cause the film to degrade or get damaged.
  • Only use high-quality cleaning agents with less than 5% Naphtha or Kerosene and no waxes and dyes. Low-quality cleaning products typically contain harsh chemicals that stain, degrade or damage the film.
  • Only use micro-fiber mitts and towels for the cleaning. Avoid using paper products, brushes or terry cloths as this could dull or damage the surface.
  • Utilize separate mitts and buckets for the wheels. The dirt and debris from the wheels can scratch and cut the paint protection film if you use the same bucket.

The Correct Cleaning Process Is:

  • Use a micro-fiber mitt, high-quality car-cleaning products and clean water.
  • Soak the hard-to-clean spots by holding a mitt soaked in water and cleaning agents over them for a moment. Also, pay attention to the film’s edges.
  • Rinse with clean water and use a microfiber towel to dry.

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