How Often Should You Have Your Luxury Car Detailed?

If you’re passionate about your car, you know that you should get it detailed. This will make the exterior look shiny and new every time.

Read on to find out the benefits of having your luxury car detailed and when the best time is to have this work done.

Basics of exterior car detailing

A car detailing will do all the following:

  • Wash the car by hand to do the most thorough job possible
  • Press and rub detailing clay over the paintwork to remove any remaining dirt
  • Use a rotary buffing machine to smooth out scratches and nicks
  • Wax the car

This is great for making your car look fresh. It will also help protect the vehicle from damage like rust, fading and chipping. A quality exterior detailing service will also clean, condition and shine the wheels.

You know how important regular maintenance is to keep your car running well. Whether it’s a simple oil change or replacing the brakes, maintenance is essential for the car to function properly. Detailing is the maintenance that will keep the car looking good for a long time.

How often should I get my exotic car detailed?

This is dependent on a number of factors. If you drive your car frequently and put a lot of miles on it, you’ll want to get it done sooner. You’ll also need more detailing work if you rarely wash and wax the vehicle.

Experts recommend that you have your luxury car detailed two or three times a year. Detailing is a long process that takes up to five hours and comes at a price; however, if you wash the car regularly and don’t use it to commute, detailing twice a year should do the trick.

When should I detail my luxury car?

A full detailing job is best done in the spring following colder weather. If you’re traveling to areas with intense cold or snow, you’ll also want to use a quality sealant and wax to protect it during the winter months. Sand, salt, snow and ice all spell trouble for the car’s exterior.

Interior detailing

If you want the whole car to look its best, then you’ll want to invest in interior detailing as well. The upholstery—whether it’s vinyl, plastic or leather—will be cleaned and treated using a sealant to maintain their shine. Carpets will be shampooed and treated, while floor liners are repaired or replaced. The glass and mirrors will also be cleaned and polished. The goal of interior detailing is to restore the inside of the car to like-new condition.

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