When’s the Best Time of Year to Get Your Car Professionally Detailed?

If you’re looking to get your car professionally detailed before winter, you can congratulate yourself: fall is the best time for professional detailing. Whether you love your car like you would a child or you just appreciate its ability to get you from point A to point B, keeping your vehicle clean is key. Not only does it look nicer, but it also reduces your chances of getting sick due to dust, mold and other buildup.

Here’s why you should get professional car detailing in the fall:

  • Avoid the summer rush: Car detailing season tends to be in high gear during the summer. Most of us use our cars more often in the summer, whether we’re on epic road trips or just want to travel to lakes, woods or other recreational areas. While there’s truly no bad time to have your car detailed, summer is one of the busiest seasons. If you’ve skipped a summer detailing, why not put that effort into the autumn? Your car will not only look, feel and even smell cleaner, but you’ll be well prepared for the harsh winter season ahead.
  • Maintain your investment: Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you own, aside from your house. Unfortunately, cars start depreciating as soon as you drive them off the lot. If you plan to sell your car later on, professional car detailing is a smart investment choice. Not only will you preserve its condition on the outside, but your interior will look as if “new car smell” should emanate from it. You should schedule professional detailing at least once or twice per year. The better you maintain your vehicle, the higher the price it will sell for later.
  • Protect your paint: Winter can be hard on car paint. Not only does your car’s paint make it look beautiful, but it also protects the metal parts against corrosion and rust. A good professional detailing job will help protect your car’s paint and body from excessive wear and tear, so it will look beautiful for a longer time.
  • Avoid harmful UV rays: Unless you’re a skier or snowboarder, you probably don’t think about UV rays during the winter, particularly when you live in Arizona. However, the harsh sunlight—and the reflective properties of snow and ice—can subject your car’s paint to more UV light than even the hottest days of summer. This can cause the paint to crack, chip, blister and peel. Even if you avoid the worst of the damage, your paint may still fade. Get your car professionally detailed in the fall to protect your paint.
  • Guard against road salt: Finally, although you won’t encounter it much at home, road salt does a number on vehicles. Your paint and your undercarriage are more prone to damage during winter road trips, thanks to rough road salt. Taking your car in for professional detailing once every few months will ensure it not only looks great, but it stays clean and functional longer.

If you want to get your car professionally detailed before winter weather sets in, Crystal Clear Detail has you covered. Call or stop by to schedule your appointment today.